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Call OF Duty RIP

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Call OF Duty RIP Empty Call OF Duty RIP

Message par wassila le Lun Fév 15, 2010 3:57 am

Call OF Duty RIP Img1

Call OF Duty RIP ( 440 MB )

Call of Duty is almost identical in theme and gameplay to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and like the latter includes various single player campaigns and missions. However, unlike Medal of Honor, the war is seen not just from the viewpoint of an American soldier but also from the viewpoint of British and Soviet soldiers.

The game is somewhat unusual in that throughout the single-player mode, the player is joined by computer-controlled allies who range in quantity from two infantrymen(in some of the British missions) to an entire regiment of tanks (in the Soviet missions). The computer-controlled allies will support the actual player during the missions (notable in this is the AI's effectiveness compared to other games like Medal of Honor). They also further the game's goal of providing a truly immersive and realistic experience; that is, soldiers in World War II were usually part of a larger group, as opposed to the "lone wolf" seen in video games such as Wolfenstein 3D.

The American campaign begins with Pvt. Martin of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division parachuting into France as a pathfinder of the 101st Airborne Division on D-Day for the Battle of Normandy, echoing the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. The series continues with a night assault on the town of Sainte-Mère-Église, a defense of the town against a counter attack by German Panzer units, the Brécourt Manor Assault, two special missions to rescue captured British officers, and ends with fighting for control of bunkers around Bastogne.

The British campaign begins with Sgt. Jack Evans of the British 6th Airborne Division and Special Air Service, assisting in the capture of Pegasus Bridge, as seen in The Longest Day, sabotage the German battleship Tirpitz and ends with a sabotage mission of a V-2 rocket base. Evans also helps sabotage anti-air defenses around the Eder Dam, in preparation for a follow up Dambusters Raid (Operation Chastise).

The Soviet campaign begins with material based on the Battle of Stalingrad, simulating close combat in an underground sewer system and a recreation of the battle for Pavlov's House through the eyes of Pvt. (later promoted to Sgt.) Alexei Ivanovich Voronin in the 13th Guards Rifle Division and 150th Rifle Division. The Soviet campaign continues with the liberation of Poland, followed by a role as a tank commander. The Soviet campaign ends as an infantry soldier in Berlin with the raising of the Soviet flag above the ruins of the Reichstag. After raising the Soviet flag, a short video of the aftermath of the War is shown.

Actors Jason Statham and Giovanni Ribisi, as well as voice actor Steven Blum, provided voice-overs for the roles of Sgt. Waters (British), Pvt. Elder (American) and Cpt. Foley (American), respectively. Michael Giacchino, who previously worked on the Medal of Honor franchise, composed the soundtrack.

Call of Duty also featured "shellshock" (not to be confused with the psychological condition of the same name), where when the player is close to an explosion, his vision is blurred, the player and time moves slower, and sound is muffled, similar to some scenes in the movie Saving Private Ryan.


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